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What are the Leading Causes of Car Accidents in Indiana?


In 2020, the state of Indiana saw over 175,000 car accidents on public roads. While the number of small fender benders highly inflated this number, over 800 deaths and 38,000 injuries were reported. There are many reasons you could end up having a car accident and many ways you can seek compensation for injuries and property damage. With an Evansville car accident lawyer on your side, you can focus on resting and recovering while getting the financial recuperation you deserve.

The Four Main Causes of Car Accidents

The cause of a car accident can be an important piece of information when seeking compensation. Your Evansville car accident lawyer will work hard to determine what the cause of the accident was. Knowing this can help them prepare for insurance claims or lawsuits. There are four main factors that tend to lead to the most car accidents in Indiana.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding was a major factor in almost a third of car accident fatalities over the last 20 years. In 2019, Indiana alone saw over 20,000 accidents caused by speeding, with nearly 200 resulting in a fatality. When drivers speed, they reduce the time they have available to slow down or avoid a hazard on the road, making them more likely to cause a collision. Faster speeds also tend to lower the efficiency of safety devices such as airbags, meaning a collision is more harmful and deadly as well.

Drunk Driving

In 2019, Indiana saw over 100 fatalities related to drunk driving accidents. And across the nation, drunk driving collisions have increased steadily in the last few years. Driving while intoxicated lowers a driver’s response time and decision-making skills. Much like speeding, this makes it more difficult to react properly to hazards on the road. Drivers can avoid these dangerous situations by making sure they drink responsibly and always have a designated driver or arrange other transportation methods.

Distracted Driving

Anything that takes a driver’s attention off the road causes distracted driving. This can be something simple, such as changing the radio station, or something more obvious, such as eating or applying makeup. One of the most commonly seen sources of distracted driving is the use of cell phones. Indiana has hands-free laws, meaning it’s against the law to use a handheld device while driving. Studies have shown that using a phone drastically increases the likelihood of an accident.

Running a Red Light

Around 40% of all car accidents occur at intersections, and one leading cause is running a red light or stop sign. While not all red lights have cameras in Indiana, work is being done to put them in place to help control the flow of traffic. Following road signs and traffic rules helps reduce accidents and injuries.

How an Evansville Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you were injured in a car crash or suffered property damage because of one, you need an Evansville car accident lawyer on your side. With the help of a qualified attorney, you can determine the cause of the accident, prove the responsibility of the at-fault driver, and receive compensation for your losses.

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